Shirodara Tranquility

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“One who appllies oil on his head regularly does not suffer from headache, baldness, graying of hair, nor does his hair fall.A? Strength of his head and forehead is especially enhanced:A? his hair becomes black, long and deep-rooted:A? his sense organs work properly:A? the skin of his face becomes brightened:A? applying oil on the head produces sound sleep and happiness.”A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?( Ayurvedic Physician Charaka, in the first texts of Ayurveda, written 2000 years ago.)

In Sanskrit “shiro” means head and “dhara” means flow which translates coming down in a stream or as rain on the forehead.A?A? I suppose “dhara” can happen many different way such as marma points (like pressure points), or certain parts of the body.A? The continuous of flow of certain liquid such as herbal oil or herbal milk to the forehead as known as third eye which then flows to the crown is very helpful to calm the nerve system which relaxes the body mind.A? Also it is very helpful to mental chatter.A? Marma point located between two eyebrows, stimulates the 3rd eye, helps to control wake, sleep and body temperature, stabilizes the mind, is useful for restoring functional integrity in the body and intelligence.A? Then again the crown chakra point controls the circulation to the head and balances the central nerve system.A? Crown chakra also contains the point that is called siva randra, from which it is said one emerges into the universal consciousness.A? This explains why Shirodhara is known as bliss therapy.A?A?A? So much for the theory, I highly recommend to experience Shirodhara to speak for yourself.A? If you have a busy mental chatter,A? try to receive Shirodhara on regular basis like once a week.A? Some people likes to move stream of flow side to side, which stimulates temporal area, by doing so helps to bring balance to the colon as well as to pitta dosha.A? With proper Shirodhara you will enjoy quieting of the mind and inner peace.A?A? Here are some of the testimonials from clients who received Shirodhara who loves it.

“Shirdhara I received with milk was very impressive.A? It really cleared my anger issues calmed my temper.A? I was told that it was aggravated pitta has been balanced.A? Whatever the reasons were I love and appreciate the effect of it.A? Also it helped to calm my stomach area who seemed to get bloated.”

A. G.A? from Flagstaff, AZ

“I love Shirodhara which gives me such a great peaceful experience.A? I am able to visit inner consciousness which gives me mental rest”

G.M from Clarkdale, AZ