Sound Healing Chair

What Is Sound Healing?

'So Chair" Sound HealingSound and music have long been recognized and utilized as a key element in the healing process throughout multiple cultures for thousands of years.

Music has also been considered the “language of angels” or a direct link to the divine. It was a predominant part of early teachings of the Greeks, Chinese, East Indians, Tibetans, Egyptians, Native Americans, Mayas, Aztecs and more.

Sink in and enjoy the gentle caress of your favorite music rippling through guiding you, on a journey of deep relaxation, harmonization and inner peace! The So Chair encourages you to indulge in the ultimate sensory integration, relaxation experience. Through the use of music, the So Chair creates an incredible stress-reducing environment you never thought conceivable. It’s unique shape and design enables the So Chair to deliver musical vibrations that resonate through your entire body. It feels great and is quite enjoyable!

Many have shared that it is particularly beneficial for stress reduction and pain management. The harmonic resonance of the So Chair moves all the way through the body stimulating the body/mind’s natural relaxation response, enabling the muscles to relax and circulation to improve, while the music calms and delights our often overly active mind.


Key Benefits users have shared:

  • New level of listening, experiencing and enjoying music
  • Feeling of warmth, increased circulation, relaxation and energy.
  • Mental and emotional clarity, personal presence and sense of peace.
  • Ergonomically comfortable and supporting the proper alignment of head and heart.