Massage and Bodywork

The body has an amazing ability to endure stressors and habitual patterns. A?Its capacity for regeneration, health, and change are even more astonishing.A? Give your body a chance to slow down, unwind and reset with help from one of our dedicated therapists.

Benificial for all body types and constitutions, massage and therapuetic body work results include:A?stress management, improved circulation, oxygenation of tissues, parasympathetic nervous system functions {restoration and conservation of energy}, improved digestion, deepening of sleep states, flushing of toxins, increased cerebral fuctions, inhanced immunity, increased range of motion.

We offer a variety of massage and therapeutic body work approaches including:

  • Deep Tissue
  • Connective Tissue
  • Swedish
  • Reflexology
  • NMT
  • Polarity
  • as well as integtated, customized body work based on your needs.


Take care of your first house, your body – where else are you going to live?
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