hA2cg on 1000 Calorie a Day

Loose 10 pounds every two weeks with the 1,000 calorie diet protocol.

The traditional hA2cg-based diet is not for everyone. It is geared toward major weight loss, and its restrictions on both caloric intake and activity level make it a poor fit for those who are active and healthy, but simply can’t get rid of the last few pounds of fat.

The new hA2cg homeopathic solution we recommend at the Sedona Detox Center provides a more targeted and focused message to the body than the traditional HCG. We also include suite of additional supplements to help you attain your goals.

Who is this diet for?

This program is optimized to provide significant weight loss (up to 5 lbs per week) for individuals who:

  • Have a BMI of 25 or less
  • Are moderately active (or healthy enough to begin a moderate exercise regimen) or whose vocation requires significant physical activity
  • Want to build muscle while losing fat.

Other individuals who may benefit include those who:

  • Are unable to control hunger and cravings with a traditional 500 calorie diet

What is different in the 1,000 calorie a day protocal?

The basic diet is very similar to the traditional 500 calorie HCG diet. The same foods are included or excluded and the 3-week maintenance period is still required. There are 4 major differences:

  • There is no “fat loading” phase
  • Dieters are allowed 6 oz (rather than 3.5 oz) of lean protein for two meals
  • Dieters can drink a food supplement shake each day.
  • 45 minutes a day of cardio and weight training 5 times a week