Detox and hA2cg Based Diets

Do I really need to detox while on theA?hA2cg basedA?Diet?

Simple answer: Yes, Herea??s why. If you dona??t detoxify while using theA?hA2cg-based diet protocol, you are exposing yourself to increased toxicity and reduced immune functionality. Not detoxifying also significantly reduces the probability that your hypothalamus will reset a?? one of the keys to the long-term success of the HCG diet.

Sedona Detox CenterOn theA?hA2cg-based dietA?protocol, your body burns non-essential fat. A significant portion of non-essential fat is visceral fat, the type that holds the most toxins isolated from your body systems. With regular dieting, this doesna??t happen a?? visceral fat is usually only solubilized with aerobic exercise. The solubilized visceral fat releases all the toxins it was holding and pushes them into your blood stream, potentially overwhelming your body with contaminants and overflowing your bodya??s elimination systems. Here at the Sedona Detox Center, we have an excellent program for detoxing that will eliminate the toxins and avoid any potential contaminants from your system.A? We have experimented with different detox modalities for different people.A? We will suggest whatever would work best for each individual, including homeopathy, wheat-grass, green juice, colon therapy, mineral balancing, infrared sauna, medi-bath, liver cleanse, intestinal cleanse, heavy metal cleanseA?etc….

Cana??t I do just any detox program? Arena??t they all the same?

Detox protocols range from simple multi-vitamin regimes that stimulate the immune system to specific herbal cleanses focused on just the live or kidneys to a colon cleanse or heavy-metal specific detox. Though these can provide some benefit, the Sedona Detox Center has a full range of services to remove toxins. We work with the brain, the spine, the digestive system, the urinary system, the lymphatic system, and the interstitial matrix. These six components support, maintain, and optimize the functions of each of these systems across your entire body. No other detox program is this comprehensive.

My friends have all done theA?hA2cg-based diet without detox, and they are just fine.

This is a short-term view of what theA?hA2cg-based diet can do. Your friends may have lost weight. But long-term effects of heavy-metal build up and overwhelming toxin release may not be immediately noticeable. While your body is desperately trying to process toxins, it is unable to rebuild and reapportion body tissues a?? for example, to tighten and rebuild skin that seems loose and flabby due to weight loss.

It costs more to add the detox to theA?hA2cg-based dietA?program!

Yes, it costs more. But in our opinion, you are not spending your money wisely if you do theA?hA2cg-based diet without the detox. You are spending money on a short-term fix when your desired outcome is the long-term benefits of a complete body system restoration. You will reduce side effects, recover better, and reset your diencephalon.A? Personally, I don’t believe inA?recommending a fat loss program without an accompanying detox program.A? Toxic release from theA?fat breakdown is going toA?add additional stressA?and overload theA?individual’s immune system which could manifest further health challenges.