Internal Herbal Cleanse

The intestines are the hub of your organism.  They are your core, your center.  Those how know health know digestive health first.  Very few, if any dis-ease, is not healed or improved from having a clean and functioning digestive system.  Your first step in optimal health and optimal digestive health is a quality herbal small intestine cleanse program. Anyone living during these modern times, where toxins bombard us from every angle, will see beneficial results from this noble pursuit.  If you have NEVER done a small intestinal cleanse, we urge you to learn more and consider intestinal cleansing.

Internal cleansing is key to maintaining a healthy digestive system.  While colon hydrotherapy cleanses the large intestine (the length of which is equal to one’s height), the small intestines (usually about 24 to 25 feet in length) benefit from internal cleansing.  The benefits are too numerous to list, however here is a short general idea of what anyone can expect:

  • Weight loss – in the first week people often lose a lot of water weight due to the release of excess toxic load
  • Improved digestion in both capacity and comfort
  • Increased energy level and vitality
  • Mental clarity

We carry a plethora of quality herbal cleansing products.  However, we  need to know more about you before we can make any recommendations.  Your age, doshic imbalance, budget and lifestyle are all factors in guiding us in choosing the best products for you.  So, please stop by or call us at 928 649 0799 to inquire further.  Packages inclusive of colonics, body work, and Pancha Karma (Ayurvedic Doshic Balancing) can be customized to meet your needs.

Testimonials on Internal Cleanse

“Dear Michi, I desire to thank you for helping me with cleansing.  Answering my many questions and my incessant phone calls requesting additional supplies.  This cleanse has been amazing for me.  I did release Mucoid plaque.  This cleanse has brought me so many spiritual gifts.  The biggest of all is my connection to my body and the love for it, along with truly profound insights and great body changes.  It’s the next step in taking charge of my health.  Thank you again…”

Elizabeth, Cottonwood, AZ