Order Hair Analysis Now

 To Send In a Hair Sample For Analysis:

Follow these three simple steps:

1. Fill out the information sheet and symtom sheet and order form. Hair Analysis General Information and Symptom sheet.
2. Cut the hair sample carefully using the instructions below (4).
. Mail the information sheet, symtom sheet and the hair sample to us with Order form indicating the method of your payment..


Payment can be with one of the following methods:

$135 cashiers check or money order.  Order from foreign countries will be $145 to cover extra general mailing cost.  For express mailing request, cost will be charged extra according to the expense.  This must be in US funds, preferably from a US bank.

Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover). Please be sure to include the card number on your order form, the expiration date and the three or four-digit security code on the back of the card. Billing address of credit card, it it is different than the address you indicate on the information sheet.

4SAMPLING THE HAIR.  Please follow instructions below closely.  This is important for an accurate test result.
We need about a full tablespoon of hair.  The hair on the back of the head often grows fastest and is easiest to sample.  However, hair sample from any part of the head may be used.  Short hair is fine and can be cut with an electric razor.  If no head hair is available, you may use beard hair in men.  Please use pubic hair only if no head or body hair is available, as it is not quite as accurate.

b) Hair Preparation:  Make sure your hair has been washed before sampling it, preferably with a mild soap or with shampoo, 4 hours after it is completely dry and within 24 to 48 hours.  If tap water in your area has a lot of minerals, I recommend to rinse your hair with purified water such as reverse osmosis water or distilled water, whichever is available.  Using a conditioner or rinse is okay, but it would be best to use only a mild shampoo for the best results.  Do not place other products on the hair just before cutting the hair sample such as hair cream, hair spray or others.
c) Tints, dyes, color rinses (such as henna) and highlighting These can be on your hair when you cut a sample for analysis.  We are aware that some laboratories do not allow these products or hair treatments when taking a sample for a hair analysis.
However, we find they usually do not affect the test enough to force you to wait for weeks to send in your sample.  In fact, most tints, dyes and rinses do not contain many minerals so they will not affect the test at all.  The more natural the hair, however, the better.
d) Bleaches and Permanents:  After a bleach or permanent, especially a beauty parlor permanent, wash your hair four or five times before sending in a sample.  The chemicals used can affect the hair structure.  However, the hair will recover after several washings, as a general rule.

e)  If you have a water softener in your home, and you use softened water for bathing, it might influence the test: In this case, please wash and rinse your hair TWICE with either distilled or reverse osmosis water before you sample your hair.  This should remove residues of salt or potassium from your hair.  Distilled or reverse osmosis water can be purchased in jugs at the supermarket.

f) Hair Cutting Procedure:  Cut several small snips of hair as close as possible to the scalp.  You may cut the samples from along the sides, top or back of the head.
Place the samples on a clean table with the cut end facing you.  Now cut off any long ends of hair that are over 1 inch  to 2 inch(or about 2  to 4 centimeters) long.  The long ends of hair are older and are not as good for sampling.  The new hair, near the scalp, is much better.
You will have enough hair when the 1-inch cut samples will fill an ordinary tablespoon.  Combine these and place in a clean, paper envelope.  Write your name, age and date of sampling on the envelope.
Do not use pubic hair, as it is less accurate, unless you have absolutely no other option.  Fingernails or toenails are more accurate, if you have no head hair.

Health Restoring Program Through Hair Analysis:

Thank you for your interest in tissue mineral analysis and a nutritional balancing program. We believe it is one of the most advanced healing programs available today.

This unique approach for detecting nutritional imbalances and correcting body chemistry is surprisingly accurate and powerful for many conditions, both physical and mental or emotional. The programs are designed to balance the body chemistry. They will also remove toxic metals and toxic chemicals, as well. These will be gently and safely replaced with vital or nutrient minerals that the body requires.

We do not need to use drugs, as a rule, nor do we need intravenous or oral chelating agents, bio-identical or other hormone therapy, or costly supplements. In fact, the use of replacement hormones and chelating agents of any kind often hinders deeper healing, in our experience.

The programs also help prevent future health conditions. This is done by correcting latent or hidden conditions that are often revealed on a hair mineral analysis.

We make no claims for this program because each person’s situation is unique.

Nutritional Balancing Program:

Your hair sample is sent to the testing laboratory where they measure 21 nutritive and toxic minerals. The laboratory uses the latest mass spectroscopy equipment and does not wash the sample at the lab. This is most important!

Results are sent back to us in about ten days. The whole process takes three weeks from when you send in your hair sample. A lot of the time is for mailing.

You will receive a copy of your hair mineral analysis, the test interpretation and full explanation of your healing program, and quite a lot of written material, also supplement recommendation.  We highly recommend to participate in the supplement program for 2 to 3 months, then retest.