Certification Program

Whether you are already a therapist or you are thinking about becoming a therapist, we offer the following certification programs.  All classes are designed to be a very private, intimate learning experience.

All materials are included in the price.

Colon Hydrotherapy One: This is designed to teach you how to administer colon hydrotherapy. The 15 contact hour training consists of observing, giving and receiving colon hydrotherapy. You will receive a lot of detailed tips and source information during the class. Class is limited to 2 – 3 people. $500

Colon Therapy – Intermediate: This class is designed to teach how to work with ill patients and clinical situations. You will be provided with other tools in relation to Colon Therapy, beyond Colon Hydrotherapy. Colon Hydrotherapy One is a prerequisite to this class, unless you are already a seasoned Colon Therapist. 10 Contact Hours. Class limited to 2- 3 people. $500

Shirodhara and Abhyanga Class: This two day class is designed for the massage therapist who wants to add Ayurvedic Therapies to their menu. 15 Contact Hours. Minimum class size is 2 people; prefer 4 person class. $500

Other Ayurvedic Therapies: You will learn various Bastis as well as various Shirodharas. One day class. Minimum class size is 2 people; prefer 4 person class. $250