Bio Energetic Health Analysis

Bio Energetic Health Analysis we utilize to evaluate clients is using same method developed by renowned physician Thomas K. Szulc, M.D., which is known as B.A.H. (Bioresonance Analysis of Health).  We all within our body contain information within us that holds the key to our health. With the various discoveries and research of great minds over the past century, great developments have occurred in unlocking this information. And now, with the creation of the Bioresonance Analysis of Health, a new method has been developed that provides the practitioner with an amazing analysis tool. The days of guesswork are over.

Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H.) utilizes the Lecher instrument as a fine resonator to decode the holographic information pertaining to all aspect of health within us. Bioresonance Analysis of Health is like a truthful conversation with a patient’s intelligence as you are observing a unique music which contains in evry individual.

This multi-faceted and comprehensive system is used to evaluate all aspects of a patient’s health, identify all dysfunctions and underlying causes, and create a unique program of treatment that best suits the individual patient. B.A.H. draws on 20 years of research, 5 years of trials, and the past 100 years of award winning scientific discoveries in such fields as quantum mechanics. This sophisticated system makes it possible for any trained practitioner to generate patient-specific protocols that are highly defined, fully customized, and repeatedly achieve extraordinary results.

Evaluation of Individual Health

The first part of BAH evaluates all aspect of an individual’s health to provide the practitioner with an understanding of the patient on all levels. This includes:

  •  Personal Constitution(or doshic evaluation)
  •  Level of Toxicity and Type of Toxicity
  •  Tissue Terrain
  •  Presence of aggressions: Geopathic Stress, Electromagnetic Stress, Emotional Stress
  •  Function of Autonomic Nervous System
  •  Allergies
  •  Heavy Metal Toxicity
  •  Solvent Toxicity
  •  Immunization Influence on Health
  •  Presence of Pathogens
  •  Nutritional Deficiencies
  •  Function of Organs
  •  Foci and Disturbance Fields
  •  Cystic and Lesion Pathology
  •  Much More

 At the same time, spiritual and belief position as well as dysfunction priority is established.

 Step 2

Program of Treatment

 The second part of the Bioresonance Analysis of Health is the determination of the program of treatment. This includes:

  •  Allopathic Medicine(which will refer to allothic physician), or
  •  Biological Medicine

if biological medicine, prioritization must be established between pathology of matter or energy medicine:

  •  Pathology of Matter and Matter of Priorities
  •  Detoxification + Drainage
  •  Organ Function Improvement
  •  Anti-Pathogenic Therapy
  •  Dysbiosis Elimination
  •  Heavy Metal Treatment
  •  Solvent / Chemical Elimination
  •  Foci / Disturbance Field Therapy
  •  Nutritional Therapy
  •  Oxidative Therapies
  •  Neural Therapy
  •  Rythym Hemo-Autotherapies
  •  Metabolic Treatments
  •  Regeneration Therapies
  •  Lifestyle Adjustments
  •  Energy Balancing
  •  Sound Therap
  •  Color Therapy
  •  Ayurvedic Therapies 
  •  Other  

In addition to Pathology of Matter and Energy Methods, Bioresonance Analysis of Health also evaluates whether a patient would benefit from Emotional Therapies, Spiritual / Consciousness Based Modalities including any spiritual practice. In this manner, B.A.H. provides the practitioner with all the possible options to restore health to a patient based on what the individual patient requires.