Bioenergetic Evaluation of Health

The Bio-Energetic Evaluation of Health (BEH) utilizes the Lecher Antenna to assess various stress levels in the individual relating to one’s health.  The Lecher Antenna tunes into the vibratory resonance of the organs, identifying imbalances, toxicities, and various energy and stress levels to obtain a picture of one’s health. As imbalances, toxic levels, and pathogens are identified, we can create a personalized protocol to facilitate a return to homeostasis, the healthy balance of the systems that support overall health.  The Lecher Antenna allows a therapist to obtain information otherwise thought inaccessible, eliminating guess work.

The Lecher Antenna was developed by German physicists in 1975 based on the work of Dr. Ernst Lecher (1856-1926) who served as Head of the First Institute of Physics in Vienna from 1909, and who developed a method of measuring wavelengths around 1888.  The Lecher Antenna was designed to measure wavelengths and frequency of electromagnetic waves, subtle energy fields found in all living things.

Architects and Engineers in Europe and parts of Asia use the Lecher Antenna to identify fault lines and geographic stress areas.  Alternative therapists use the Lecher Antenna to identify nutritional needs and correct allergies and sensitivities.  It has also been used to identify allergy causing substances to reduce side effects from medications or quality of supplements as well as if it is indeed good for the individual.

All living things have a wavelength, frequency, an energetic component whether it be land, water, mineral, molecule.  At a gross anatomy level, how we use our bodies, experiences we have had (stress, trauma, injury, surgery), these can affect imbalances at all levels.  For example, when we sit for long periods of time, this can create imbalances in our posture, our alignment.  When we stand, we can feel stiffness and sometimes pain as in the low back or dizziness.  Our body has worked to stabilize us to sit for long periods of time.  In doing so, it has created structural imbalances that has a cascade effect, creating imbalances in the systems of the body (immune, respiratory to name a few) powered by our organs.  Organs on their own, over time, become toxic from over or underuse. All of this can create subtle energy mis-alignments at all levels from gross anatomy to the bio-molecular level.

Within Bio-Energetic Evaluation of Health (BEH), we utilize the Lecher Antenna to assess vibratory resonance. BEH can identify not only dysfunction in one’s system, but it can help shape personalized protocols to restore balance and specify duration and frequency of dosage for the optimal result.

This process is indeed a Marriage of Quantum Science for the Physical Health.

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