ACMOS represents “Analysis of the Compatibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy” and is a systematic, holistic bioenergetics therapy that utilizes specialized medical instrumentation to release blockages in the bioenergetic system of the body.

It is a precise, non-invasive therapy that affects the systems of the body and stimulates points and meridians without having to use needles.  The aim of ACMOS is to reestablish the energetic qualities of the body and restore its proper self-organization and adaptation ability.

How does ACMOS energy balancing therapy work?

Each cell in our body vibrates at precise frequencies and exchanges information through communication of these frequencies. Therefore, we have the ability through specialized scientific bioresonance techniques to detect and correct bioenergetic imbalances in the body.

Like an antenna, our bodies resonate with frequencies around us. These frequencies can increase our vitality or weaken us. The goal is to keep our vital energy flowing, find and relieve blockages in our body meridians, protect our bodies from negative influences and optimize cellular regenerative capacities. The well-sought protocols developed within ACMOS energy balancing therapy utilizes other instruments and devices, as well as an array of specific essential oils, herbs, homeopathics to release blockages in the bio-energetic system of the body.

ACMOS energy balancing is a highly systematic method. Each client is checked, measured, and calibrated so that both patient and practitioner are certain that energy pathways have been properly restored.  It may be easily administered to improve effects of other common therapies and procedures.

Developed by Dr. Rene Nacchachian, a French researcher in biophysics, the ACMOS Method is an advanced approach that combines the wisdom of ancient traditional medicine, drawing on the influence of Chinese medicine, with the scientific discoveries of modern molecular biology.  The ACMOS Method reaches the deepest origin of the chain of disorders, the