Transformational Retreat

This 7 day retreat is a great choice for someone who wants to change mind, body and any emotional state where they feel stuck.  We can facilitate any of your needs with our group of health care providers and therapists.  We provide food which is suitable  for the program unless you have other arrangement.

The following sample itinerary is for a one week retreat and includes 2 days of travel and 5 days of private sessions.  As you read the itinerary, please keep in mind that it can be customized to fit into your needs.  At your first consultation, you will be able to rearrange your sessions.  If you feel a certain modalities we provide in our wellness center, then we can work around those sessions to work for you.  Some of our clients found breath work was really helping them to shift faster, so we organized their retreats accordingly which was very effective to their expected goals.  Sometimes transformational Retreat incorporates Detox, Weight Loss(if it is addressed), as well as emotional transformation.  Some individuals requests to focus on their spiritual developement, which we will add meditational training, sat-sang, or cultivation of Qi Gong.  Or why not have it all.

Remember, our retreats are personalized and private – totally focused on you!  And it is all about YOU!

Day 1 (Sunday)

Arrive:  Check into your accommodations, unwind, then meet with the retreat coordinator if you have any questions.   Otherwise relax and rest to prepare to begin your transformational journey the next morning.

Day 2 (Monday)

Welcome Consultation:  This is to review all of your sessions through the week and reassure that all of your needs are met.   This is when you can alter the program, if needed, and perhaps to add other sessions based on your goals.   We will evaluate where you are and where you will like to be.  We are here to help you to get to where you will like to arrive.  Healing  journey is a partnership.  You made an effort to get to our facility, we will be here 100% just for you.  The good news is that in our wellness center we have the most qualified therapists available on site.  We are here to serve you.

Colon Therapy, Massage:  You have your choice of receiving a colonic, massage.  We offer various massages to choose from as you feel appropriate for your needs.

Yoga Qi Gong or other exercise:  If you are staying in our retreat lodge, there will be choices of different exercises to do in your own lodging.  We will make suggestions based on your body type to address the issues you wish to work on.  There will also be an assistant to help you with your exercises.

Thermo Therapy:

Day 3 (Tuesday)

Chiropractic Adjustment:  We have two chiropractors on site with different approach of adjustment which means you have a choice of preference.  Chiropractic adjustment will help your nerve system to process other therapies that are coming.

Chi Nei Tsang or Breath Work: Either sessions are very powerful tool to rid of deep seated emotions.  Chi Nei Tsang seesions involves gentle massage mostly within abdominal area while therapist and client breath in rhythm.   It is to transmute negative emotions toward positive emotions.  During breath work you will be guided to breath in a gentle connected rhythm while listening to music.  You will enter into deeper levels of consciousness where you will be able to access the information that you need most for your spiritual upliftment and education.  Upon waking to full consciousness, you will talk with your facilitator who will help you to integrate what you have learned.  After your first experience of  Holotropic Breath Work, you might be interested in receiving extra sessions to maximize your special retreat week.  This session is truly transformational.

Infra red sauna session:  Here you will enjoy about 30 minutes or longer infra red sauna.   Infra red heat raises body temperature, warming the blood and expanding the blood vessels, which increases blood circulation.  Increased blood circulation stimulates the sweat glands, releasing built-up toxins and waste.  It also carries off metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscles.

Day 4 (Wednesday)

Yoga or Qi Gong in the morning:  Not everyone is on the same page when it comes to exercise.  We will be reasonable to your bodily needs to facilitate Chi-Gong exercise or suggest a gentle stretch depending on your body’s ability.  As always, you will have your choice in your exercise program.  Sometimes you just might need additional rest.  Or a nice walk in the morning to the river or a gentle hike.

Ayurvedic Therapies:   You will receive two hours of Ayurvedic treatments to prepare your body to Clear and Balance.  Treatments consist of:  Abhyanga– Warm Herbal Oil (prepared based on your constitution) massage to separate excess toxins (doshas) from your tissues and move them towards your GI tract to be eliminated.  Shirodhara – Pouring of warm oil in a slow steady stream on your forehead while laying on the table.  Swedana– The steam induces sweating to liquefy the toxins and increases the movement of toxins through the channels.  This is a blissful and very relaxing therapy and is also a sample therapy for your future Panchakarma retreat, if you happen to like the way you feel after the treatment.

You may add extra therapies such as Acupunture, Color Therapy, Color Therapy with Sound Therapy, Or Combination of all therpies daily!!

Thermo Therapy:

Day 5 (Thursday)

Qi Gong or Yoga:  It is always good to start with light exercise in the morning, if you have energy to do so.  We have private or group classes available.

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)This session can be utilized to further regain your physical health, to manifest what you desire in your career and relationships, to remove phobias and to clear false and limiting beliefs.  Your facilitator will assist you in clearing the limiting unconscious “false beliefs” that were formulated after emotions got stuck in your body following trauma, disappointments and/or parental conditioning.  You will be free to create your life in a new way, rather than manifesting more of the same old stuff.

For this session, you also have the choice to receive Acupuncture, Color Therapy or a Chiropractic Adjustment, whichever helps you the most, in place of the NET.  Or our therapist may combine  other options that might serve you best in a different way.

Massage or infra red sauna:  Here you will enjoy about 30 minutes thermo therapy.  Infra red heat  raises body temperature, warming the blood and expanding the blood vessels, which increases blood circulation.  Increased blood circulation stimulates the sweat glands, releasing built-up toxins and waste.  It also carries off metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscles.  If you prefer massage, you also have a choice of various body work, such as shiatsu, swedish, trigger, myofascial, reflexology…..  Or you can have it all.

Day 6 (Friday)

Body Mind Spirit Integration Session:  During this time you will go over your experiences and integrate all your discoveries about yourself.   Wonderful wrap-around session to integrate your varous experiences, also to follow up homework per say when you get back to your world of reality.  How to continue your self growth, improvement, and apply to your life.

Day 7 (Saturday)


Total Fee (as outlined in this itinerary): Inquire the fee when you call to schedule.  Mostly depends on your choices of therapies, and meal options varies the fee, we will like to work based on your program.

Meals, lodging and transportation are not included with this retreat.  The above price does not include the use or purchase of additional herbs, supplements, products and/or services.  If, during your initial consultation, we alter the program based upon your needs, abilities and readiness, the quoted price will change accordingly.  Pricing ultimately depends on the products and services you request and are in agreement with receiving.