My Panchakarma Experience

Posted by on Apr 1, 2011 in Blog, Featured, Panchakarma (PK)

It was in India that I had my first panchakarma experience.A? I was in Rishikeshi one day when my whole body started experiencing excruciating pain which throbbed for 30 days.A? I visited anA?Ayurvedic physician where he put a pill size quantity of mustard into my mouth.A? Within a moment pain vanished from my body. TheA?Ayurvedic doctor said that I had a vata disorder.A? My first question was “What is Vata?”A? This was the beginning of my affair with Ayurveda.A? Of course I received numerous panchakarma treatments.A? I loved everything I was experiencing in the process of learning and healing.A?A?Wherever I went in India, I always looked for an ayurvedic clinic andA?basicallyA?lived in the clinics to receive panchakarma.A? I lived on Kitchari for two years;A?not onlyA?because it is the recommended diet during panchakarma and because there is not much else in India to eat, but alsoA?because I happened to love it so much.

If you can combine any of your detoxfication, with panchakarma, or any ayurvedic therapies, I assure you that your detox will be much more enhenced.

Testimonials from clients:

“Michi, I am so grateful that I found you.A? I believe I was led here because you were the perfect healer for me at the perfect time.A? I am elated that I was ready to meet someone like you, to meet you.A? Who you are does the healing so much more than what you do.A? I am driving home appreciating you, your joyful nature, your positivity, your vast and integrated experience, travels, and journeys, your shining higher self that guides you, your intuitive hands, your generous heart.A? This is just to name a few of your gorgeous quality.A? I don’t know how to thank you enough.A? I know I could never thank you enough.A? Here are a few tokens I am leaving you.A? The Cd’s I love.A?A? I hope you don’t have them already.A? I hope you like them.A? I will work on taking everything you gave me, showed me, told me and working it into my life in an integrated and supportive way.A? And I plan on being in touch.A? And referring lots of people.A? Thank you from my now more open and soothed heart!!A?A? A big fluffy heart hug to you.”A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A? Cindy, Tucson, AZ