Why Retest Hair?

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An analogy. Retests are needed to make mid-course corrections in one’s journey to health and development. A retest is akin to pulling out the maps and compass, and taking a sighting to figure out where the ship or airplane is in the sky or on the ocean, having been blown around for a few months by the forces of nature and stressors of all types. This is the essence of a hair analysis retest. Regular retests are often needed with nutritional balancing because the changes that take place are so subtle and at such deep levels that symptomatic shifts are not reliable guides at all as to what is going on at much deeper levels.

The reasons why retesting the hair is vital for success with nutritional balancing are:

  • Safety. Retesting assures that a nutritional balancing program is current and appropriate to the best of our ability. Safety is always the primary concern in nutritional balancing science.
  • Maintaining a high level of adaptive energy. Keeping the oxidation rate and major ratios balanced by adjusting the program periodically with retests is the key to making sure a person’s adaptive energy level remains high. This is the single greatest key to success.
    Assessing progress at deep levels. Retesting is often the only way to assess deep changes in the body such as alterations in toxic metal levels or in key mineral ratios.
  • Evaluating old and new signs and symptoms. With nutritional balancing, the body corrects symptoms in its own order. As a result, some symptoms may persist for months or longer, while others may disappear quickly. Those that persist may be from very deep levels that have not yet been uncovered. Retests are often the only way to understand how the process of uncovering layers of adaptations is unfolding and how to assist the process.
  • Psychological importance. A retest is often the only way to understand why certain feelings or emotions have changed. At times, for example, feelings of depression or anxiety may occur. A retest often tells us why this is so and how to correct them safely and permanently.
    Staying with the program. Many biochemical imbalances cause few symptoms. Retests often help clients stay with a nutritional balancing program by assisting them to actually see how their bodies have changed and improved at deep and subtle levels.
  • Addressing new stressors in a person’s life. A job change, a new relationship or a death in the family, for example, may alter body chemistry significantly. Only a retest can detect the resulting subtle changes in the body chemistry and allow us to adjust the program properly.
  • Insights about puzzling temporary symptoms. At times, unusual symptoms may arise on nutritional balancing programs. One can easily become confused and frightened when this occurs. A retest will often reveal the cause, as well as how to correct the symptoms.
  • Feedback and reassurance for the practitioner regarding 1) compliance, 2) the adequacy or efficacy of the program and 3) stress factors of which the practitioner was unaware. Retests can provide practitioners with this and other valuable information. For example, if little or no change occurs on a retest, one may need to find out if the client was really following the program correctly. In other cases, little change on a retest may indicate that the program needs to be altered in some way.
  • Addressing latent, sub-clinical or undiagnosed health conditions. Nutritional balancing allows the body to address latent and undiagnosed conditions that are essentially silent. Often the only way one can even know that healing has taken place at very deep levels is with a retest that shows an improvement in a key level or ratio.
  • Assessing the need for other types of healing modalities or interventions. At times, a retest is the only way to know that an infection or an emotional retracing is occurring that might require the help of other healing modalities to resolve it promptly.
  • Saving time, effort and money. When a person’s biochemistry has shifted, remaining on an old nutritional balancing program is, at bests, a waste of time and money.

From:”Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis ” A New Science of Energy” By Dr Lawrence Wilson, MD, 4th Revised Edition , Pages 285, 286.