Nutritional Balancing

Nutritional Balancing has a lot of different meanings depending on who you are talking to and what you are reading.  At Chintamani Therapeutics, we use our definition and the principles that guide us are found in Nutritional Balancing Science, the result of the work by Dr Paul C Eck and Dr Lawrence Wilson.   Nutritional balancing is a total healing system, which means it makes use of all of Western medical science plus many principles of Eastern healing sciences as well.  It also makes use of modern physics principles and modern engineering principles such as general systems theory.

The Major Therapeutic Modalities of Nutritional Balancing:

  • Lifestyle. Correction of basic living habits is the single most important recommendation in nutritional balancing for most people.
  • Diet.  A diet suitable for one’s oxidation type is a primary healing modality and lifestyle aspect.
  • Nutrient Supplementation.  A number of simple, targeted nutritional supplements are another important component of nutritional balancing programs.   Supplements are recommended in a very precise and specific way based on hair analysis readings and rarely based on symptoms or signs such as high blood pressure.   However, when used symptomatically, supplements are always recommended in a way that balances the oxidation rate and the major mineral ratios.  This is a most important difference between this science and most other nutritional approaches.
  • Detoxification.
  • Colon Therapy or Coffee Enemas.
  • Meditation using Chi Gong, Prayanama, or whichever clients feel approiate.

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Dr Eck is the founder of Nutritional Balancing Science. He was a physician and an avid researcher who stumbled upon the new assessment method of hair tissue mineral analysis in the early 1970’s.  Where others saw it mainly as a way to detect toxic metals, Dr Eck applied all of his knowledge of the stress theory of disease, metabolic typing, mineral bioavailability and much more.  He slowly evolved this new science of healing based upon simple, yet elegant principles and techniques that he found effective to balance the ratios and patterns on a hair mineral test.

Dr Wilson was Dr Eck’s assistant, associate and friend for 14 years.   Since Dr Eck’s passing in 1996, Dr Willson has been expounding upon, writing books and teaching Nutrtional Balancing.   Much of the technical information you will find on Nutritional Balancing on our site comes from Dr. Eck & Dr. Wilson’s dedicated work.