Heavy Metal Detox

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Additional Support for Heavy Metal Detox through Hair Analysis

When taking Endo-met supplements to support heavy metal detox, the following protocols are also suggested:

  • It is good to induce sweating, preferably through the use of an Infra-Red Sauna. If you do not have an IFR sauna, you may use steam or take a hot bath.
  • Drink distilled water for only about a month at a time. It is necessary to give your body a break for a week or two (the amount of time is up to you) as the distilled water depletes trace minerals as well as the heavy metals. Also, it is necessary to replenish the electrolytes in your system and/or take a trace mineral supplement while drinking distilled water.
  • To lessen the burden on the liver during detox, perform a Coffee Enema daily to assist the liver in flushing out the toxins.
  • Green powder of your choice. (We like Perfect Food)
  • Drink one glass of carrot juice daily, preferably freshly juiced. Also wheatgrass juice 2 Oz a day would be helpful.
  • Normally, it is good to add a fish oil supplement (Omega 3), Vitamin D3 and a Probiotic to your regimen.
  • As your budget allows, get a colonic.
  • During Build Up (the healing time), it is recommended that you only do moderate exercise such as walking or yoga. You do not want to over-exert and exhaust yourself while detoxing. Save your energy to heal.