Conversations with Michi

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Jean:A? What is the role of a guru?

Michi:A? For me, a guru means a teacher who mastered in the subject, whichever that could be.A?A? But I know you areA? referring to a spiritual teacher.A?A?The role of a spiritual teacher to me personally is one who has experience of illumination of true self and who can guideA? people to have the same experience as himself/herself.

With that note, I want to tell you whatA? guru has meant to me. First, I had several Sat Gurus, very fortunately.A? At certain point every single client came to me has been my guru.A?A? Everything in the universeA?I lay my eyes on areA?my guru.A? I am sure that is true for many people in practical ways.

MY spiritual teachersA?are Papaji known PoonjajiA? in India, Sri Robert Adams and Sant Takar Singh.A? All these three teachers were enlightened beings.A? They were my main gurus.A? They were my Sat gurus.A? After these three teachers the whole universe became my guru.A?A?The Sat Guru has attained freedom, who have experienced spiritual awakening.A? They are in an unbroken state of true nature.A? They teach by example.A?A? Then I have a few Tiben Rimpoches who have been very important to me, which are too many to mention.

Jean:A? Share with me what you know about emotions?

Michi:A?A? I can give advise on how to handle emotions.A? Emotions are like clouds in the sky.A? It is best not to indulge.A? You choose not to attend to them and they will disappear.A? If one is born with strong anger or jealousy,A?you can ride on that strong emotionA?until you are free of it.A?A?A?This is very profound teaching.A? That strong emotions can be your best friend to free oneselfA? from suffering.A?A? I like to say “If any human experience makes you unhappy, you can transmute it to happiness.”

Jean:A? So many people think that Tantra has to do with sexuality.A? Please explain what Tantra has to do with sex?

Michi:A? Sexuality and attachment/desire is the most powerful energy in the human form.A? When a seeker of God is purified enough, they experience state of emptiness.A? When one is advanced maybe they can use sexual energy to fly higher.A? But there are very few who are qualified, maybe none around here.A? Laughing. ….This advanced spiritual state means one has overcome attachment to the world including pleasure, security, sexuality.A? Some of the enlightened beings so to speak get involved into sexual scandals because they are still in body consciousness and attached to pleasure sometimes. A?Not all the cases, but most of the cases, especially if it is a negative scandal.A?A?Oh, you asked me abutA?Tantra andA?Sex.A? Well Tantra means Non Dual Path.A? As I mentioned before you ride on any strong human experience creates suffering until that energy is transmuted and transcended.A? Well, Sexual Energy isA?a very strong energy to transmute.A? If you can ride on sexual energy, you might be like riding on a rocket to God, so to speak.A? But I must to tell youA?that you don’t want to mess with sexuality, because before you take off as a rocket toA?God, it will dragA?you down to Hell.A?A?Playing on sexual energy is likeA?walking on the razora??s edge, it becomes too dangerous.A? In this era, at this time, most peopleA?are not purified enough to practice sexual energy into yoga.A? They get into trouble.A?A? Sexual energy transmuted becomes same as spiritual energy.

Jean:A? What is a spiritual practice?

Michi: Spiritual practice depends on the person.A? The purpose of spiritual practice is to find out who you truly are.A? You are Jean.A? Are you Jean?A? Who is Jean?A? Is Jean sixty years old?A? Maybe not next year.A? Everything can change.A? Anything that changes is not who you are.

Finding who you truly are is a spiritual practice and quest.A? It depends on the person, the way of spiritual can and will change.A? From where the person is to where they want to be is how to help people find their current spiritual practice.A? It is important to know who to go to for help with your spiritual practice.A?A? Each individuala??s spiritual practice is based on their makeup and moving to the next level and this is the reason I like the Tibetan practice.A? It is a science of purification based on who they are, where they are and where they want to go.A? There are so many different levels and stages of practice.A? As you advance, your practice will change.

Jean:A? Share with me what you know about Silence.

Michi:A? There are various stages of Silence.A? Silence comes when the mind gets quiet.A? If you are watching your thoughts, sometimes they are non stop.A? When you can quiet your thoughts, the gap between two thoughts, when entered, become stillness.A? This experience comes when one is purified enough.A? As one purifies, you can experience various levels of Silence.A? I have heard that Buddha said there are 16 stages of emptinessa??for me it is just a reference point.A? Silence is gateway to real yoga.A? You often hear about Emptinessa??but it is not empty, it is peaceful, full of pure frequency.A? It is a different world.A? In that state, you can really practice yoga.A? You find a well rounded, complete state of freedom.A? There is no suffering.A? All obstacles to freedom can be muchA?quickly transmuted when you begin state of emptiness.A? Jesus said “Those who are poor in heart will inherit the kingdom of heaven.”A? Poor in heartA?indicates the state of emptiness, empty of attachment, desires, except for the love of God.A?A?In silence you are able to watch or witness so much easier;A?the rest of the subjects need to be purified in one’s consciousness.A?A?Silence is the beginning of real freedom.A? I would like to say that it takes a lot of yogas to reach the Silence.A? But in my experience, when you are able to listen to the silence, the REALA? YOGA begins.A? This is when you can listen to the sound of silence which has been expressed as music of spheres, sound current, or Sant Mat of inner sound and light Yoga.A? If you are notA?able to quiet your mind, thenA?more than likely you would not experience the celestial music that Rumi often talked about.A?A? At one point you will be able to meditate to rise above body consciousness.A?A? Jesus said “I die daily”A?A?A? What does that mean to you.A?A? Real Meditation!!!!!!

Jean:A? Share information about marriage?

Michi: First you have to experience your own inner marriage.A? If you want a wife/husband first find it inside of yourself.A? No external partner is going to give you the satisfaction you are seeking.A? Find your mate inside.A? Sometimes an external mate will help you find your inner mate.A? In society, marriage is failing because people do not understand why they need a mate?A? All reasons will fail.A? In the end you have to find eternal happiness either with or without aA?partner.A? Marriage can create endless drama, which is samsara.A? I am sure some people have very happy marriages, yet when one spouse dies, the other grieves.A? The eternal salvation and happiness has not beenA?found.A?A? So who is the inner Mate?A? Guess what!A?A? Your true husband is a your soul, your eternal happiness.A? Attachments to this world make it difficult to go on your spiritual journey.A? Rarely you will find a partner who understandsA?your spiritual goal and support your journey.

Jean:A? What does it mean to go beyond the mind?

Michi:A? Mind creates all illusions.A? Mind makes you think that this world is real and it is not.A? Mind creates reality which is not true reality.A? I am sure that you have experienced this.A? Everybody will agree that mind assumes and expands into future and past and gets real busy creating scenarios.A? Emotions come with the story that the mind creates.A? Mind holds people down into the physical three dimensional reality.A? If you can drop the mind, the process, you can go into the gap between two thoughts.A? In the silence, without thoughts you can experience the other world.A? The other world can reveal itself when you can drop the mental projections.A? Jesus said “I come not from this world but from the other world” which refers to kingdom of heaven which is salvation.A? That salvation is freedom and experiencing God or your true nature.A?A? So beyond mind is like beyond the cloud, you will see the sun.

Jean:A? Why do people suffer?

Michi:A? When people experience the grace of God and ultimately find heaven within which coincides with the expression of God’s nature within, then suffering will end.A? People suffer because of the accumulation of consequences from birth to birth.A?A? Which the solidification of their thoughts created the illusion of their own reality.A? See?A? Everybody has different beliefs and concepts and ideas that makes the world go around.A? Remember -A?Everything is one’s own projection.A? I mean everything!A?A?A?When you stop projecting and find pure consciousness after peeling off all that is not,A? you won’t suffer.A? Of course attachment is the source of suffering.A? If one can introspect one’s attachment and its consequences, that will be a great meditation.

Jean:A? How do you experience the life force?

Michi:A? I experience the life force everywhere within and without.A? It is all pervading.A? The life force is the creative force.A? As grace of God, the life force purifies onea??s mental illusions and help you undo the knots.A? I think in the Bible theyA?talk about Holy Spirit.A? That would be an expression of that.A? Life force can give one a direct experience of God.A? The life force is what made us and what can unmake us.A? It is very important to invoke the life force within onea??s physical body.A? First, it helps to be around people who have invoked the life force.A? Second, it is pure devotion and pure heart to invite holy spirit.A? I remember reading in the bible something like “Love your God with all your heart, all your mind and all your strength”.A?A? When life force awakens, it is imperative that your physical body is able to hold the energy.A? If your body is toxic it can actually harm your physical body.A? That is why colon therapy or other Detox methods/cleansings are important.A?A?Keeping the temple of God clean as much as you can because you never know when your bridegroom is going to come.