Colon therapy

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“Both Health and Sickness have their roots in the colon”A?- Norman Walker.

Clean bowl is the key to the longevity.A? It is interesting how many people are shy to discuss of their colon or bowl.A?A? In Ayurveda it is written justA?clearing your colonA?60% of your problemA?can be improved.A? To improve your colon function we can provide various suggestions based on your needs.A? Including Ayurvedic application to balance such as Basti.A? Basti is medicinal application into the rectal with variety of concoctions or oils to improve any given condition.

The client receives a comfortable andA?very effective Colon Hydrotherapy on our devices because the person is lying virtually in a reclining positon, allowing the water to flow around the entire colon using very safe and gentle forces of gravity.A?A?One complete Colon Hydrotherapy session takesA?more or less 45 minutesA? and water amount to flush colon uses with up toA?20 gallons of water approximately.A?

Our Libbe and AngleA?of water Colon Hydrotherapy devices are a gravity-fed devices. The water gently hydrates the colon through a flexible rectal nozzle that is A?a?? in diameter. There is a one-way check valve between the nozzle and the water tubing to prevent the back flow from the nozzle.A? Water temperature is easily controled with mix valveA?to maintain temperature of 95 F to 103.A? A?Most Colon Hydrotherapy sessions are performed at about body temperature, however, the operator has the option to coolA? or warm the water flow to stimulate the bowel.

Both of our Colon Hydrotherapy devices areA?open devices allowing the body to evacuate naturally. Larger solid pieces can be eliminated without having to fit through a speculum. The rectal nozzle is locked in place naturally inside of your retal muscle and moves to the side when the client eliminates the waste matter. The nozzle cannot be over-inserted into the colon becauseA?nozzle is premeasured andA?is locked into the scoop on the catch basin.

The exhausted fan device attached to the plumingA?allows the elimination of odor without a separate venting system. The entire procedure is virtually odorless more so than closed system.

Both ourA?Colon Hydrotherapy devices are extremely easy to clean and sanitize. After the each session well trained the therapist willA?clean and disinfect the whole device to insure sanity and cleanliness.A? The entireA?surfaces including all the knobs and pillows are sanitized and dried.A? A?Sanitizing solution is added to the water reservoirs and is drained through the tubing and rinsed. Following the rinsing of the tanks, the device is ready for the next client. The entire cleaning and sanitizing process is done 10 to 15A?minutes.

Water treatment system to purify the water in pre installed along with ultra violetA?with the device before it fills the resevoir water tank.A?

We feel both Colon Hydrotherapy systems we have in our office areA?the most comfortable and effective device available for Colon Hydrotherapy .A?A? To read more go to our Colon Hydrotherpy page by clicking here.