Michi Nadler

Helping to restore balance and vitality to your life.


Let me tell you about me?  That will be most difficult task to perform for me to introduce myself, specially when I do not believe in appearances that rises.  I gave good amount of time to figure out who I am, in which to find out the perspective of world of me is really not me, as well as what I think I am would not be me until I really settle in my true nature and all the appearances are actually not real, but a passing dream.

As most Bios do, whatever one does present is how good they are to introduce the best appearance of them to make them sound interesting to gain what they will like to gain thru their presentation.   This seems to me is quite superficial.   The best way to find out what I do and who I am is come and visit where I am located, and experience detox with us, then you will have some knowingness about me.

I do have interest in helping people to detox mind and body and emotions.    And I have more than most people a good background and experience in this Detoxification of all levels.  You may guess I spent quite a lot of energy to detox myself in body, mind and emotional clearing.  So here I am 65 years old, and that’s something I can contribute to you.  I thank to all my teachers, Poonjaji, Robert Adams, Sant Thakar Singh, Dr. Thomas Sculz, Dr. Vasant Lad and my husband Dr. Nadler.  Also now I happened to be surrounded by most gifted healthcare providers.   I invite you to come visit us and give us a chance to facilitate your next level of wellness, in body, mind and spirit.   Let us talk to you and create your retreat program which will give you a result.  Thank you so much reading this far.  See you here.   Michi