Dr Gary Nadler – Chiropractor

"The only side effect of chiropractic care is good health." - A well known chiropractic axiom.

Dr Gary Nadler

Dr Gary Nadler – The Chiropractor

Dr Nadler began his studies to become a Chiropractor in January 1977 at Western Sates Chiropractic College in Portland Oregon.  In 1978 he transferred to Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina and graduated Manga Cum Laude in Sept 1980.  He began his career in private practice on Whidbey Island, Washington in the summer of 1981 and soon after was introduced to the Activator Method Technique.  He understood quickly how valuable this technique was in the correction of spinal joint dysfunction.  So much so, that the Activator Method is the only technique that Dr Nadler uses in his practice.

Once the problematic areas are identified through specific procedures, an Activator instrument is used to correct the spinal subluxations.  By using this hand-held instrument, it is possible to adjust misaligned spinal vertebra in such a quick and controlled manner that the body’s muscles are less likely to resist the correction.  And because there is no twisting, torqueing or forceful pressures applied to the spine, the Activator Method Technique is safe for patients of all ages.

To learn more about the Activator Method Technique or to schedule an appointment with Dr Nadler, please call 928-639-0144

Dr Gary Nadler – The Person

Gary was born in Memphis, Tennessee but moved to and was raised in Southern California.  Much later, after graduating from chiropractic school, he moved to Whidbey Island in Washington.  While living there, he made a trip to Arizona and visited the Hopi Nation in the north central part of the state.  It was during this time that he fell in love with the land and the people and in turn, the people fell in love with him.  He began to feel that his destiny laid in Arizona.

In 1992, he moved to the Verde Valley and started the Abraxas Center.  Although he lived and practiced in the central part of the state, for four years he would travel to the Hopi Reservation every Tuesday to provide chiropractic care to the people of the Nation. 

In 2001, he met and married his wife, Michi.  It is through the loving words of his wife that we are able to gain a deeper understanding of this unique individual.

“Gary is very transparent – he is who he is and lives his life with his heart, 100%.  He is a real human being with a great soul who has compassion and love for all of God’s creatures.  When he finds an injured creature, whether a person, bird, rabbit or rat, his heart goes out to them and he is naturally compelled to help mend their broken parts. 

Every day Gary expresses gratitude for two things – first for being a chiropractor so that he is able to help people and second, for meeting me and completing his life.  Who could ask for a better husband?”  Michi Nadler